The doctor is in!

Hello! I'm the Doctor and before you ask your next question - it's just the Doctor. Any other information about me isn't important at the moment.
Now if I'm really as clever as I think I am - which I am - I'd know you've come here for a specific reason. Maybe you're in trouble. Maybe you're lonely. Maybe you simply want to see the stars. Maybe, just maybe, you just want a good adventure. Well, hop aboard then! Just don't wander off.

Now then, allons-y!

The Doctor is out. [hiatus until August 1]

{The Tenth Doctor, Post-"Journey's End". This RP blog is independent.}

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What is your favorite childhood movie? 

  • Cats Don’t Dance

What type of food do you like to eat?

  • Pasta! 

Would you rather play Kingdom Hearts or Epic Mickey? Or both?

  • Kingdom Hearts. Wait…yes. Definitely KH. Though Epic Mickey looked pretty kick ass.

What is your favorite subject in school?

  • Math. And Government Studies.

If you can be any Doctor Who monster, which one would you rather be?

  • A cat person-nun-nurse thing.

What do you like to do besides tumblring?

  • Write. Video Edit. Make graphics. Play video games. Read fanfic.

What is your favorite place you like to visit?

  • Chicago. Love it there.

Do you prefer rain or snow?

  • RAIN. Freaking hate snow…

Are you a mountain person or a beach person? 

  • BEACH. I live in Colorado. I haven’t seen the ocean in YEARS.

What is your favorite book series?

  • Harry Potter.

Describe your OTP and why you pick them.

  • My OTP? Oh, wow, um… my all time OTP would be Angel/Cordelia (Cangel). They’re the be all end all for me. Because they were best friends first. They never really got their chance.

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4.  Which movie did you see last?

5. Marvel or DC?

6. Pick a quote from your favorite movie.

7.  What’s your favorite trait of the character you play?

8.  Who’s your favorite singer/group/band?

9. What is your favorite fandom that you’re apart of? 

10. Do you prefer the city or the suburbs?

11. What do you want to do as a career?

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